Middle School

• Grades 6-8 Middle School Sunday School

• Grades 6-8 Middle School Youth Group

• Middle School Youth Sunday, Souper Bowl of Caring, Valentines for shut-ins, poinsettias for shut-ins, church nursery care on Mother’s Day, decorations & gifts for James Home, work days at Black Mountain Home, servers for Senior Celebration Dinner

High School

• Grades 9-12 High School Sunday School

• Grade 9 Confirmation instruction

• Grades 9-12 Youth Group

• HS Youth Sunday, Heifer Project International, Senior Celebration Dinner and special send off


Youth Groups

Grades 6-8 Middle School Youth

Grades 9-12 High School Youth


Meets Sunday from 6 - 7:30 with a meal and a program.
From late August to early June (with the school calendar)


High School Youth:

Middle School Youth: